Hair Blend Light Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pads - 19" Dia. Pad / White

SKU: 270L-1919" Dia. Pad / White
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SKU: 270L-2020" Dia. Pad / White
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SKU: 270L-2121" Dia. Pad / White
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SKU: 270L-2222" Dia. Pad / White
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SKU: 270L-2424" Dia. Pad / White
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SKU: 270L-2727" Dia. Pad / White
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Hair Blend Light Ultra High Speed Burnishing pads are made with a controlled blend of polyester and natural hair fibers to yield a "wet look" finish.

Key Features
  • Made with a blend of natural fiber and polyester.
  • Provides a “wet-look” shine
  • To clean it, just brush away dried wax with its die cut center
  • Recommended use on machines up to 3000 RPM
Available Docs
Product Specs
  • SKU 270L-19
  • Master Dims IN21"L x 20.5"W x 6"H
  • Master Cubed IN2583.0
  • Master Cubed FT1.49
  • Master Case QTY5 Floor Pads
  • Master UPC10837528001069
  • Item Dims IN19"L x 19"W x 1"H
  • Item QTY1 Floor Pad
  • ITEM UPC837528001109
  • Master Case Units5 Floor Pads