Our Team

A brief introduction.


IAN WILSON, President and Owner

Ian has 18 years of Commercial
Products experience and
founded Globe Commercial
Products in 2015 with a vision
of providing The Right Product
at the Right Price.
Ian is passionate about Sales
and Marketing and enjoys
launching new items into the
marketplace and forging strong
industry relationships.


Ravi is a Fellowship Chartered
Accountant and has over 25
years experience running
He is an integral part of the
Globe Team managing all the
logistics, forecasts and the product flow.
He is an expert in CRM
Systems and Financials.

LANCE HAYWARD, Director of Sales

Lance has over 30 years
experience in the Commercial
Products industry and is at the
forefront of product and
industry knowledge in Canada.
He has lead sales teams for the
past 20 years and is passionate
about working with customers
and growing their businesses.