Wire Bag for Laundry Bags

SKU: 881218"L x 14"W x 32"H / Black
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The Wire Stand for Laundry Bags is designed in a scissor frame design that allows it to be used for daily wear and tear, or just folded flat when not in use. Perfect solution for collecting and sorting in a convenient, portable, collapsible design making it ideal for use in commercial laundries, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities.

Principales caractéristiques
  • Fits most commercial laundry bags and various large bags
  • Wide top opening holds bags securely
  • Fits standard size laundry bag; 30 to 55 gallon plastic bag
  • Strong, stable lightweight design that folds flat
Spécifications du produit
  • UGS 8812
  • QTÉ par caisse5 Stands
  • CUP maître10837528003148
  • L'article diminue IN18"L x 14"W x 32"H
  • Quantité d'article1 Stand
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  • Unités de cas principal5 Stands