Stripping Boots Kit - Medium / Yellow/Brown

SKU: 991SB-MMedium / Yellow/Brown
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SKU: 991SB-LLarge / Yellow/Brown
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SKU: 991SB-XLX Large / Yellow/Brown
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SKU: 991SB-2XL2X large / Yellow/Brown
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The Stripping Boots reduce your risk of slipping while keeping footwear dry and away from harsh chemicals. These can act as spot stripping tools by kicking over hard to reach areas. Each pair of protective boots comes with 2 removable soles that are made from essentially the same materials as a stripping pad. They can be washed out several times before being disposed of.

Principales caractéristiques
  • Velcro pads provide superior attachment for the soles
  • Strong pad for wet or dry stripping
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant rubber overshoes
  • Stripping pads provide improved traction on wet surfaces
Spécifications du produit
  • UGS 991SB-M
  • Maître Dims IN11"L x 9.75"W x 6.5"H
  • Maître Cubed IN697.13
  • Maître Cube FT0.4
  • QTÉ par caisse1 Pair
  • CUP maître10837528002318
  • Quantité d'article1 Floor Pad
  • CUP DE L'ARTICLE837528002311
  • Unités de cas principal1 Pair