Slim Lid with Recycling/Organics/Waste Stations stickers - 3 Stickers / Recycling/Waste/Organics

SKU: 95203 Stickers / Recycling/Waste/Organics
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SKU: 95214.25"W x 6.375"H / Recycling/Waste/Organics
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The versatile Slim Lids for Recycling/Organics/Waste Stations, feature a backboard lid configuration where stickers are meant to be placed to guide users to utilize the right disposal methods. A standout sustainable system, complete with bin stickers to help educate customers about the life cycle of each recycling program. Perfect for restaurants, schools, bars, hotels, cafeterias, offices, and any other environment where space is constrained but waste/recycling needs to be collected.

Principales caractéristiques
  • Promote centralized waste and expand your recycling program
  • Trilingual decals: English/ French/ Spanish
  • Sleek space-efficient lids fit slim style containers
  • Budget friendly sustainable waste solution
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