Q-Towels™ Sanitizer Compatible Food Service Towels - 13"W X 21"L / Blue

SKU: 8804B13"W X 21"L / Blue
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SKU: 8804P13"W X 21"L / Pink
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SKU: 8804W13"W X 21"L / White
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The Q-Towels™ are of high-quality that make cleaning reliable, cost effective and promote a healthy environment by reducing risks associated with foodborne illness outbreaks. Q-Towels™ are compatible with quaternary sanitizers & disinfectants. Reduce cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses by segregating different colors for different areas when back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house. They can be reused, which reduces the need for single-use disposable towels, bringing sustainability to your hygienic practices. Q-Towels™ come in an easy to use one-at-a-time functional/ storage friendly box for a convenient experience.

Principales caractéristiques
  • Strong, absorbent, and effective on grime/ oil
  • Efficient dirt pick-up featuring apertures for easy rinsing
  • Lint-free dependable performance
  • Great for Full day and multi day use
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Spécifications du produit
  • UGS 8804B
  • Maître Dims IN13.5"L x 11.5"W x 8.25"H
  • Maître Cubed IN1280.81
  • Maître Cube FT0.74
  • CUP maître10837528003506
  • QTÉ du paquet intérieur1 Box
  • L'article diminue IN13"L x 21"W x 0.01"H
  • Quantité d'article1 Towel
  • CUP DE L'ARTICLE837528003509
  • Unités de cas principal200 Towels