Duraflow™ Microfiber Spray Mop Juice on Board System - 18" Wet Mop Head / Black

SKU: 558018" Wet Mop Head / Black
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SKU: 332518, Refill / Blue
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Dirt can’t hide from the innovative Heavy Duty DuraFlowTM Spray Mop System. It’s deep cleaning microfiber pad reaches down into cracks and crevices, picking up 50% more dirt with its 360° Swivel head from dust to grime and more per swipe than traditional mops. Microfibers are super thin filaments, 1/100th the thickness of a strand of hair. Microfiber achieves a brilliant clean because it captures and retains more dirt. The Pad is washable, so you spend less money on disposable pads and reduce waste!

Principales caractéristiques
  • Easy squeeze handle to spray
  • Features an atomizing spray output
  • Ergonomic comfortable foam handle
  • Easy to refill leakproof plug in/ out bottle
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