Baby Change Table

SKU: 112536"L x 18"W x 4"H / White
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The Baby Change Table offers a quality and reliable product at an affordable price point. Typically, this product is used in Restaurants, Airports, Service Stations, Retail locations, and Daycares/Schools. It is FDA approved, bacterial resistant and made from high-density durable polyethylene. It is easy to clean and maintain and a child protection nylon strap included. The product’s ease of use, maintenance, and price point make it a popular choice.

Principales caractéristiques
  • Dual liner dispensers for cleaning wipes
  • ADA, ANSI, and ASTM F2285 compliant
  • Pneumatic gas shock mechanism to ensure smooth opening and closing
  • Convenient bag hooks located at either end of the table
Spécifications du produit
  • UGS 1125
  • QTÉ par caisse1 Change Table
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  • L'article diminue IN36"L x 18"W x 4"H
  • Quantité d'article1 Change Table
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