The Power of Private Label



The only name they know is yours…


The benefit of Private Labelling is that it allows you to create a branded product, without investing extensive time or money into the product development which allows you to bring the product to market much faster.  Private Label offers distributors control over product factors such as pricing, size, package design, production and distribution.  Distributors can develop and implement innovative ideas to gain market share over National Brands.

A successful Private Label Brand will allow Distributors an advantage in sales opportunities by creating a customized experience, using tagline and logos, and can lead to higher customer loyalty due to the superior quality and price of the product.  Products tend to be less expensive than name brands, largely due to the reduced advertising expenditures.  The proof of private label is directly measured not only by increased sales but more importantly increased customer loyalty.  Customers are aware of the value associated with Private labels that they not only offer high quality but that they are less expensive than their National brand counterparts while not sacrificing design, durability and innovation of the product.

Private Label bridges the gap between high quality and affordability and will allow your value-conscious customer to have it all while you retain your margin.


Our comprehensive understanding of the Janitorial, Food Service and Industrial industries, combined with 30+ years’ experience in importing, allows us to offer customized solutions to our customers and create cohesive product lines from concept to finished samples. Globe can develop new products or adapt one of our existing line to develop a private label program to fit your needs.  Private labelling with Globe allows you to;

  • Easily add products to your mix
  • Participate in markets you haven’t
  • No development costs
  • No R&D costs
  • No capital fixed costs
  • No manufacturing startup costs
  • Manufacturing, packaging, labeling, direct shipping
  • High quality/lower cost
  • Products to your own specifications
  • Customization as needed